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Latest News:

28/05/2014: The FREE Child Rescue Alert app is now available to download from the Apple store  and also on Android


Download for free so that you can help save a child's life!

26/05/2014: Almost 2,000 more of you registered on the site yesterday during The Big Tweet! Thanks for your support and remember to encourage all your friends and family to register too...

17/05/2014: Almost 20,000 of you have registered on the site already and our partners at BHS have taken a further 8,000 registrations in-store!

02/05/2014: Many thanks to all of you that have registered to receive free Child Rescue Alerts (CRA). We now have almost 11,000 people registered!

01/05/2014: Almost 7,000 people have registered on our first day! Thank you

01/05/2014: The campaign to recruit members of the public to register to receive free Child Rescue Alerts (CRA) was launched this morning, supported by Kate McCann

17/01/2014:  You can now pre-register to receive Child Rescue Alerts via text and email when the system launches on 25th May.  Click here to sign up now.  

If your child went missing wouldn’t you want the world to stop and look for them? A Child Rescue Alert is activated when a child is known to have been abducted or their life is believed to be at immediate risk. Every second counts and your support is vital.

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